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Class taken in Nova Scotia in June. Modigliani inspired.




Merri working on her autumn pomogranet piece.

Wool Applique

Nani's finished piece


Crocheted rag rug by Carol Moon


 Cheryl's Peter Rabbit rug


Judi's face rug

Joyce's Santa rug

Debbie's sheep rug


Dye Class



Rockaway Camp 2018

Here are some rugs from the show.

Laura Pierce

Louise Jenkins


Lynne Powell



Lynne Howard- sideways teapot

Marina Palo was in my class last year and wanted to hook a structure for her egg.

My classroom which is located next to the cafeteria. It is a good classroom but does not have the best lighting.

Good class an we had a good time.







I had a very busy year in 2017 teaching and catching up with projects at home and in the hooking world. I have hosted and continue to host hooking at my house every second Wednesday of the month. I am so busy on those days I get very little hooking done and forget to take pictures. I am going to start this thread with July, 2018 and go back to February, which was the last time I reported.  

Teacher workshop in Eugene, Oregon, was very pleasant. I had a show and tell of a footstool I did. It is a Kim Nixon pattern called Goddess. I changed the face and made her more mature with white hair. I put more lines in the tulips. On the end tulip I made a center in it and added more lines  I found a skirt I had for my inspiration for the flowers. I think I channeled the 1970's for this pattern.







I also taught a class in architecture and perspective. Laura Pierce did the patterns. I had the log cabin or settlers cabin. It is an actual cabin in the Appalachian mountains. I changed it up a little by making it a cabin found in the Olympic Forest. I added the words and a couple fir trees in the background. I also hooked it like a poster. I had my husband make a frame for it. I ended up liking it.







Here are other three that went with the day's instruction. They all turned out well. That is because there are talented people at Western.


I did finish my daisy pattern from last year's workshop. I did struggle with it but it is always good because the learning curve is healthier.

Here are pictures of the group in May and June at my house.

Last time we saw Linda who moved to California.

Judi's portrait.




Katie and Carol are making crochet rugs from sheets, etc.

Cheryl finished her granddaughter's rug but this was the progress. I forgot to take a picture of the finished piece.

These are 3-D stuffed and hooked front and back piece I made this last year.

They are all available as patterns.

Took a small jewelry class ast the Barn.






New Projects Near Being Finished

I made these little wool animals and they needed somewhere to live so I punched with yarn, the little hut.


Commissioned piece for Patti Chapman

My BIG rug I inherited from Fran Reiter. I think it is about 6 x9' and is an Edith O'Neill pattern. Learned from this one and still need to tweak it.



Puritan Frame and Stand for Sale

This frame was my little sister's and she died a year ago so I am going to sell the frame and stand for $$100 if anyone is interested. Grippers are in medium shape. I replaced one or two of them.


January Gathering at My House

Had two new people join us. Robin and Jan. Jan is working on a rug she has had for quite some time and Robin is brand new working on a hit and miss.

Nani completed a rug!

Judi's rug progress

Jan's work in progress.

Nani braiding

Merri's bunny

The group



The third week of October brought together mostly rug hookers to Camp Huston where we hooked, slept, ate, visited and started again the next morning. I only took a few photos of the rug show because I forgot to take pictures.Not sure who did this rug- no label present

Kathy Earl

Eileen Brayton

Joy Anderson

Katie Knoelke

Lorraine Owens

Maureen Towner


Prairie Harvest-Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I traveled to Edmonton to teach "Zentangles" to a group of talented ladies. I had a great time. Here are some of my class and their original designs.

Here is just a taste of the rugs in the show. I thought I would be able to see the tags so I could put the name with the rug but I cannot read the tags. There are a few I know who hooked the pieces.

I think this was Shirley's trip rug.

This is a Cec rug. You can tell by the colors. She has a distinct style.

Laura's rug.

Holly's nursing hat and goose.

Michale Freeman fish.

Lots of wonderscapes.

Cec again.

Loved the teapots that Holly's class was making.




Projects being worked on at my monthly hosting.

Judi working on her antique flower rug. She is doing a good job on blending her dull colors.

Claudia working (sometimes) on her Dancer rug. Katie taking it easy while her back heals from surgery.

Debbie digging out her hooking for the day.

Carol's finishing her husband;s portrait using some of his own uniform wool. Very nice work.

I am working on my "how to hook white" piece.


My Nevins McTwisp bunny I am teaching at Friends in April.




Travelled to Ohio with Katie Knoelke to take a class from Jen Manuell about making Morrocan village rugs without a pattern drawn on the foundation. It was a great class and a challenge for me as I am not a counter of threads. The rug show is wonderful and  everyone should go at least once.Here are se photos from the show. I did not take Celebration pictures as they are in the book.


Jen's examples of her two rugs.

Creswell rugs from Laura Pierce's project. Fun to see them all together.

It was the year of the man in rug hooking so these are some rugs hooked by men.

All the above were done by men.

Some other rugs that caught my attention for different reasons.

In the hall were the rugs are located.

Love the script and the portrait.

Not crazy about the composition but loved the vibrasnt colors.

Cute idea for a grandchild--moveable pairs of animals.

Norma B. did these two hooked pieces.

Zentangle type rug but also love the colors.

Large rug and like the proportional elements.

Large rug but just like it becasue it is different.

Winner of people's choice by Doona Hrkman.

Great rope.

Colors first and then the design.

Missed our connection in Denver because of being diverted to Wyoming so use my rug hooked to help in trying to sleep at the Denver airport. Apparently the airport closes down at midnight.

Spending the night at an airport is now off my bucket list.



I am making a book on hooked clouds. Lynne Powell is a wonderful rug hooker plus all her other talents. She offered to join me in this challenge. Here are our first examples.


My cirrus clouds.


Guatemalan Rugs

These rugs were on the web site of Multicolores. They will be exhibited and for sale in Rhode Island this year. The ladies are getting better and better in their choices of colors. It is hard to believe these are tee shirts and as-is.


Caswell Rugs

Laura Pierce took on a huge project of getting many pieces hooked to replicate the Caswell embroideried quilt.  This was the first time it had all come together in one showing. I took pictures of some of my favorite pieces.




Carla Fortney did my favorite piece. Very clever in color and interpretation.


Hooker Hill Camp in California

I just came back from as wonderful trip to Hooker Hill. It is one of my very favorite camps. The surroundings near Yosimitie Park are great and the people are so nice.

Here is my class and their projects.

Grant Phy's gift for cousin. He is a very good and very fast hooker and he got a lot done this week.

Cathy, Nancy and Leveda on the last day.

Jane's stool, Tess's slippers and Grace's wallhanging.

Sandra's picture, Ann's purse and Jennie's picture.

Loree's animals, and Adrine's flower rug.

Grant's two pieces and Barbara's Flower Power rug.


Project to teach as a Night Class at Rockaway Camp

This is a project I am teaching at Friends by the Seas camp in April. It is a stand alone white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. It includes felting needle, charm and roving along witn instructions and pattern on monks cloth.



Workshop Project

This was a Thursday class I was prepared to teach. Things happened and I did not fully teach it but I liked the project. I used the chevron stitch and the corduroy stitch for the animals and modified the patterns a bit. I approached it as a persian pattern rather than a finely shaded crewel pattern. It happened to fit a stool I had in the attic.




This piece was done from a photo my son, Nick, took of a camping spot on Hood Canal. His boat is in the water. I did this at Puget Sound Rug School with Brigitta Phy. She is an excellent teacher and it was a good class. I used silk velvet on this picture for the first time and I liked it. I used the velvet with a four cut and it did fine on the linen.


May Gathering At My House

We had a smaller group but a busy one on Wednesday.

Arlene is dyeing wool.

Judi watvching Karen and Carol work.

Linda working on her Zentangle.1



This is my pattern done by Bev Young. I like her redition. She left out the scrolls and did some hit and miss.