Travelled to Ohio with Katie Knoelke to take a class from Jen Manuell about making Morrocan village rugs without a pattern drawn on the foundation. It was a great class and a challenge for me as I am not a counter of threads. The rug show is wonderful and  everyone should go at least once.Here are se photos from the show. I did not take Celebration pictures as they are in the book.


Jen's examples of her two rugs.

Creswell rugs from Laura Pierce's project. Fun to see them all together.

It was the year of the man in rug hooking so these are some rugs hooked by men.

All the above were done by men.

Some other rugs that caught my attention for different reasons.

In the hall were the rugs are located.

Love the script and the portrait.

Not crazy about the composition but loved the vibrasnt colors.

Cute idea for a grandchild--moveable pairs of animals.

Norma B. did these two hooked pieces.

Zentangle type rug but also love the colors.

Large rug and like the proportional elements.

Large rug but just like it becasue it is different.

Winner of people's choice by Doona Hrkman.

Great rope.

Colors first and then the design.

Missed our connection in Denver because of being diverted to Wyoming so use my rug hooked to help in trying to sleep at the Denver airport. Apparently the airport closes down at midnight.

Spending the night at an airport is now off my bucket list.

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