My eldest son was married in Cancun, Mx. in 2014. I finally designed and hooked a large rug for the happy couple. Betsy likes mermaids and the sea so that is the theme I went with. She has a microphone because she is a singer and is holding a paint brush as she also is an artist. My son makes films, boxes and surfs. I added these things to the underwater scene and made him into a merman. I hope they like the rug. I did add sparkles to the mermaid tails.



I was invited to North Central and spent two weeks on the road and in Iowa. I rode with Suzi Jones to Newton, Iowa, former home of Maytag. We spent three nights going and coming from Portland, Oregon. On the way we visited with Chris Ward and her Llamas in Idaho and Sue Cunningham and her husband in Wyoming. It was a treat at both places.

Here are some of the rugs shown in the library in Newton. I especially liked how one teacher used the ombre to create different values and textures. Enjoy.






This March we had three teachers, Susan Feller, Laura Pierce and Diane Learmonth. Everyone had a good time and here are some of the faces in progress from my class with Laura.

Here are pictures of classmates at work and discussion.

Here are some rugs at the show and tell.




This was a wonderful tour with Mary Ann Wise and her partners. It is a 10 day tour with all items, (room, meals, and transportation)taken care of in the package. We hooked with the Mayan women for four days. They designed and color planned our rugs. We toured and saw many places around Lake Atitlan. My husband went with us as he also hooks and speaks Spanish. It was an awesome experience and I would encourage anyone slightly interested to go and do it. The group that went were mostly from the Pacific Northwest and from our rug school - Puget Sound Rug School. Some of the ladies stayed to travel to the famous ruins in the northwest of the country. We were able to visit their village and communicate without much help.

To contact them and learn more about it the mail is rughooking.guatemala@gmail.com

website is www.multicolores.org









Thirteenth Year at Reiter Retreat-Goldbar

There are 50 women hooking up a wool dust storm here in the northern part of the Pacific Northwest. Goldbar is on Highway 2 on one's way to Steven's Pass which goes over the Cascade Mountains into Eastern Washington.  The retreat runs from Sunday until 11 a.m on Friday. Good food, friends and laughter.. We have a rug show-vendors-and a throw down on Thursday. Everyone looks forward to coming up and hook.


















It was a smaller turn out of hookers and braiders today at the house. We had a treat with Katie bringing onion soup for lunch. 

Carol joined us and showed off her hit and miss braided rug with fur, velvet and other materials braided into the rug. She is fast and very good at braiding.


Katie and Judi are working on their zen inspired rugs. Katie is amost done and Judi is coming along nicely.

Karen is ready to put a braid around her rooster rug. It turned out good and she drew it herself.



I traveled to Mesa, Arizona, the first of the year to teach the zen-inspired class. The trip was so easy and Southwest Airlines allows 2 50lbs bags for free so I took an abundance of wool. Carol Miller was wonderful in getting me to the hotel, taking care of all my needs and wants, and being a wonderful host. The class was held at a beautiful country club. The weather was unseasonable as it was rainy and cool but it made me feel at home. The students were great and they eagerly followed my instructions for working on patterns so come up with an original pattern of their own. The second day the patterns were made and students started color planning their rugs/pillows. By the third day I believe Faith had her pillow almost done. I am a fast hooker but she might be able to beat me. I forgot my camera at the hotel so I only got pictures of the first day. The trip home was efficient and easy and I had a good time teaching in Arizona.



This rug was from the Honey Bee Hive Charco patterns received at Western Teachers' Workshop in 2015. It was taught by Lynne Howard. This is my interpretation of the pattern. I changed the sun face and moon face and used textures in my stash to blend in the skies. I used the higgedly piggedly hooking on the rays of the sun and added a few more rays. I did about three spot dyes for the wool used on the rays. The rug was done in a 7 and 8 cut. It was a fun rug to hook and it went fast. I whipped the edges with different yarns to match the pattern colors.


















This is a rug I tried to embellish and make sense to anyone. It has faux shirring, quillies, shirred, inset, yarn, wrapped wire, beads, needle felting, embroidery, applique, silk, cotton, velour, stuffed objects and proggy.I learned a lot from this piece. When I teach embellishments it takes boxes of materials and equipment but it is a labor of love to see what people do with it and the inspiration it creates.





I love what Cec Caswell did with her sampler from the embellishemnt class I taught in Canada.  She has her black and white bead stitch signature technique on it but what a fun piece this is. She makes me look so good.



I am having a class in my studio for three days separated by a week. A windstorm hits the region and the first day I am without power. No phones, power or heat. Half the people show up for class. I have snacks, coffee and a propane heater going when they arrive. I have no way to contact the other people to tell them one way or another if we are having class. My cell phone is dead. My power point presentation is from my powered up computer screen on the lapstop. We had the class, stayed warm and used the natural light from the windows wich I had cleared space in front of the windows to get all the natural light in the studio.  We accomplished a lot and had fun. 

I arrange the next week to have a makeup class. I have power, snacks and heat. All is going well until after lunch when the power goes off again and we finish class on time but the light is fading. The days asre getting shorter in the northwest so I should probably schedule classes for earlier and leave later if the power is not going to cooperate. 

The second schedule day of class goes without a hitch. I had power the whole time. It was touch and go as the day before we did not have power. I came on about 10pm. I was going to cancel but did not havr to.  Since they "fixed" the power problem this summer it has been so much worse.  In the house we are fine because we have a heat source with wood and stay cozy. We use the propane cook stove and wood stove for eating and gas laterns for light but it does get old. I hear there is another storm coming today. We wil see. Here are some pictures of my students in class.

Zentangle Class Day 1

Makeup class

Second Day.



The tool case was taught by Sheila Mitchell at the TIGHR conference in Victoria. It was a quick and fun project and I have my tools placed in it. Sheila is a good teacher with thorough instructions.




I only tok a few pictures of the exchange mats at TIGHR.  I now hoave two mats.  They get better every year.




I forget that Victoria B.C. is so close to my house.  You drive to Port Angeles and then cross the waters for 90 minutes on the Black Ball Ferry right into the inner harbor where the hotel and the downtown area is located.  The Vancouver Island ladies did a fantastic job having a variety of classes and speakers throughout the conference. The hotel and food was good and Jay helped with the rug show and went on a couple tours.

This was the view from our corner room.  I guess I should work on my photography.

Government Buildings in Victoria.

This is the family home of Emily Carr. She is the famous artist and rug maker from the area. Her dad was a merchant and she had sisters.

This is the sun room off of the kitchen of the house.

This is the house of all sorts built by Emily Carr to paint. It is privately owned so no tours inside.

This is Emily's sister's house where Emily painted in the room located on right side of the house.


This is an actress who played Emily Carr and did an excellent performance.  She is standing next to the statute of Emily on the corner near the Empress Hotel. Emily had a pet monkey for a long time.

Some of the totems near the harbor. Emily was able to visit the first nations and record their totem poles.

A hooked piece looking something like what Emily Carr would wear. Emily made her own clothes and it looks at though she only used one pattern. She also usually wore a hat to keep her hair out of her paint.  I have only read one of her books but she became well known for her writing.

Kris McDermet braided pieces at the show.

I taught a wool applique class at the conference.

Part of the class working on their needle cases.

Some of the finished needle cases from the class.

I hooked a tool kit with a Steller Jay on the front in a good class from Sheila Mitchell.






After three years since our trip to Australia, Miriam and Jacqui finally made it to our house so we could repay the hospitality they provided us during our stay in their country.  I had a pot luck with the ladies in the studio one of the days.  We had a large turnout.'

Judi's show and tells.

Linda's quilt.

Miriam's embroidery from Jerusalem.

All working hard.

Jacqui and Jay.

Miriam and Jay.





Rugs from Prairie Harvest

There were many great rugs in the show at the school. Here are a few of them and I did not get the artist names.

Cheryl made thid darling rug using yarn and other embellishments.  I love the face.

Dragonfly with embellishment

interesting background.

Interesting antlers.

Circus themed echasnge mats.



Prairie Harvest - Saskatchewan Canada - September

I spend August getting ready for teaching embellishments in Canada and finishing up the flooring on the second and third floors.  There is still more to go on the florring and it was lots of work, mostly on the huband's part, but we both love how the floors and trim turned out.  We also got the hand rails in on both floors.

I collect lots of books and I liked this idea I found in one of the books.  Now to find a way to use it

The trip to Blackstrap Lake was easy driving I hear.  I mostly slept through the trip.  We took three days to get there and camped out at the lodge but ate deicious meals with everyone.  It is a fun group of women.  I brought quite a bit of supplies to let the women try everything.  I did not get to all the things I had brought, but most of it.  The women were troopers and worked hard the whole time we were at camp.  Each night I tried to get ready for the next day.  I had a wonderful time and worked hard.  I took a few pictures of their samplers.



Joann felting a ball in an egg.  Shake it after a tiny bit of soap and water.




I was going to teach a class on making a pouch with the zipper already sewn so I made myself a steampunk pouch.  I learned sokme things from this exercise.



The family started to arrive on July 1st.  We had the Holly 4th parade and then fireworks in the evening.  The weather was hot and family spent time in the water everyday.  There was lots of crab caught as well. theme and then the fireworks.  We had about 60 people just in our group alone.



This is the small pattern I hooked and taught at workshop.  We worked on fingering and it was fun hooking this little pillow.  I added the fringe to the pillow to use up my leftover wool.  It is bright and now is sitting on a purple chair in my bathroom.  I had a great class to teach.


I taught on Thursday when the show was going but was able to randomly take pictures.  I do not have the owners names as I was in a hurry so I apologize.

Brigitta Phy Leaves

Laurie Wiles textures

Janet McLean adaptation

Another of Janet's Moose rugs

Laurie Wiles' Cat

Chris Ward's Scottie McGruff with own plaid

I think this is Barb Powells'  

I think this is Gail Becker's rug with nylons Grenfel style

Patty Yates' version


Laura Pierce's rug

Tanya Graham's flowers.

Brigitta Phy's rug

Lynne Howard's Zendoddle-Love her interpretation.