New Studio and Shrimping on Hood Canal

Here is a picture of my granddaughter standing next to a large bucket of Hood Canal shrimp.  My son is shrimping this year and these are large and very sweet tasting shrimp.  They truly are the best I have ever had.  One can only shrimp four days a year and only from 9am to 1pm so it is very limited in scope but so very tasty.


The other pictures show the progress on the new studio.  I have the second floor for my studio and it is slowly coming together.  I built my house and now this rebuilt garage with recycled material when I can.  The garage has more new stuff like lumber and roofing material than the house does but when I can find stuff at Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill, then it goes into the studio.  The top studio will be Jay's upholstery studio, etc. and of course he will have the bottom floor for automobiles.



















Here is my little Easter granddaughter wishing you a Happy Easter.


2013 Puget Sound Rug School and announcing the 2014 teachers

We had a wonderful time at Dumas Bay.  All students seemed to thoroughly enjoy the instructors.  Dumas had a new chef and it was the best food I have ever had at any event.  I cannot wait to eat there again.  The weather was delightful with sun, some fog, mist and wind, but mostly sun.  Good weather to take a walk around the park and to the beach.


Next year we will be hosting Donna Hrkman, Liz Alpert Fay and Nola Heidberder.  It will be very hard to choose just one.  These are fantastic teachers and they have not been to the west coast, except for Nol who was there this year.  What a line up!  I am very excited.



Puget Sound Rug School

March 15th through 18th are the dates for the rug school.  This year I will be teaching "hooked books".  Tantya Graham from Canada will be teaching composition in rugs and helping students look at their rugs from an artist's perspective to improve their art.  Nola Heldberger will be teaching a class on how to use "off the bolt" wool.  This will be wonderful for studying values in primitive wide cut rugs. is her site and she has many patterns.



Missing journal pages

I have lost all of my pages so I am starting over on this web site so stay with me.

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