In May on Hood Canal there are four to five special days.  Those days are when the state of Washington allows the public to spend lots of money on gas licenses lines, traps, bait, etc. to catch the world's best tasting shrimp.  The first day of shrimping was raining so hard it hurt.  There were many lost pots as the current took those traps and lines to all areas of the canal.  You catch shrimp between 200 to 400 feet.  Easy going down but the you have to turn around and pull that trap up all 400+ feet hoping there are shrimp in the trap. I made chili and hot chocolate and all the shrimpers were able to get their limit of 80  day.  Here is the smallest shrimper we had with use this year.



My first class in the new studio was a dye class.  It went from 9:30 - 4:30 and they dyed lots of wool.  They learned casserole, spot, values, overdyeing, marbelizing, stewing and pot dyeing.  The new fan husband installed in the studio, worked wonderfully and we had a good time.  The students were able to make up their own recipes and left with some beautiful wool.



This wall hanging I did of my dad as I remember him.  He has been gone for almost 35 years.  We did many things together.  I was like his son.  We fished, rode horses, wrestled and boxed.  We played in the water in front of our house and generally shared the same sense of humor.  Dry.  I did receive my big smile from him.


The water is in front of our house at the resort called, Holly Beach.  Across the water you see the cabins for rent at Mike's Place.  The old motor I made into a Johnson motor as that is my maiden name.  He was (or so he said)) a deputized sheriff out here in the rural areas of Kitsap County.  I never did see anything except his handcuffs that would verify this fact.  I did put a star on his cap to indicate the deputy sheriff claim

I wish he could have met and hung out with my children but he died shortly after I had my second baby.  The eldest child just remembers wrestling with my dad, but Ryan was only three years old at the time of dad's death.  I know my children would have loved him and dad would have loved showing them all the adventures and misadventures he wandered into during his life. He was always thinking up some new idea.   





Jane was a student in my first hooked jpurnal class.  She did an awesome job on her book and executed it so well.  I love her quotes and all her hooking.  The way she put it together is very elegant.  Here are some pictures, which give you just an idea.  It needs to be seen in person







This year's school was great.  The teachers were well received and we all learned a tremendous amount.  We were able to create and indulge ourselves in the art form of rug hooking.  Nola was back; Donna Hrkman came and Liz Alpert Fay was also there inspiring us along the way.

Some pictures of our teachers:


We also had Mary Watson give two art night classes which were well received.



I always look forward to the week long retreat in January.  We had 45 people there hooking away.  I could not get my hooking mojo going so I played with three different patterns I had brought.  Here are some pictures of the the ladies and their rugs. 

Sara Judith's punched rug for her daughter.  Gorgeous and shows such perspective.

Eda Lee's beautiful rug she has been working on for some time but when it is done, it will be perfect.

Judi's rug which is almost completed.  See how the light diamonds show up on the photo.

Katie's finished McGown Workshop rug.  

Rose finsihed her big rug.  There are four of them developing this rug designed by Diane and Julie.  Rose went more primitive.

This is a three part headboard Rose is working on and includes embellishments.

Diane's January Welcome Mat challenge.

Cannot remember who did this one.



Gee's Bend rugs made by 7 ladies inspired by he quilts.



Patti's sheep.

Darlene's rug for her grandson.  Large cut.Kelsie's kitchen rug she punched.

An amazing rug with so much detail.  Emily is working on this masterpiece using very small cuts.


April finished this little piece at retreat.


Yvonne is working on this beautiful rug and almost done.

I think this is Lisa's rug which is almost done.




My latest little mat I designed and practiced the finishing edges.  The words were suppose to be more subtle and I practiced punching the background with wool strips.  Ity is a fun little mat with which you can do fun things.



Celebration - pattern

I redesigned this pattern from teacher's workshop but went with the original colors I had picked.  I redrew the middle portion.  The original had the Chrysler Building drawn on it.  I did not want the rug to have a direction so that is why I changed it.  I also went with brighter colors.  I added borders as I had lots of wool left over.  It was a quick rug to hook and was done in a 3-8 cut.


New Pattern

I finished the  chick-o-evil rug.  It is one I have been wanting to do and I started it at the October retreat.  I put funky feet on the chickens and changed the pattern as I hooked it.  I wanted to do the old fashioned scrolls and found a striped orange wool to use.  It sure makes a difference in how it looks depending on which way you cut the striped wool.   I had just enough of it to finish the scrolls.  I like the pattern.  It is a good size as well.  The background is a mix of three different green textures.


New Studio 

This is the other side of the new studio.   I will have propane heat eventually.  The lights in the ceiling are the best part of this studio as they are day-lights and really are the best lights ever.  I will soon show the dye area.


We have redone our garage and in the process I made a studio and Jay made his own studio.  Here are some pictures of my studio.  I am so excited having most of my stuff in one room.

This is the side view.  I have collected and repainted the pieces of furniture and we got everything in the studio from garage sales, craigslist and thrift stores.  We adapted them to fit the space.  This includes the sink, floor and front window and doors.  I did buy the 4'x4' windows as I could never find them at Habitat for Humanity or craigslist.

I painted the furniture I had various colors of turquoise and then reupholstered what I could in an wild oil cloth.  The barn wood walls were made from a garage of the neighbor's which had been taken down for a new garage.  The table with glass on top has the same barn wood under it and a stainless steel shelf.  It was at a thrift store buy for $50.  The green lights had been bought for my kitchen over 20 years ago.  That dye cabinet I have on the wall is french and is a metal Diamond Dyes, bought on ebay quite awhile ago.



Two student rugs.

This rug is from Debbie Clemons who wanted a five foot roundish rug for her husband, who was in the Airforce Reserve. I designed it and this is what she finished.  Great work.  She is one of those who hooks perfect loops.  This was started at Hooker Hill in 2012.  I will be back in 2014 and cannot wait.

Patty Tyrell did this rug when I taught at Prairie Rose in August, 2013.

We worked on "glow" around the moon.  She definietly got it.


Reiter Retreat 2013 Fall

There was a good time had by all at Goldbar, Washington, this year at the retreat.  It was casual and inspiring.  

This rug is one from Lorraine Owens with messages sewn on from her new dog.  What fun!

This rug is from Maureen Towner who found a similar one in a magazine. Love the horse.

This rug was popular and from Joy Anderson who got it from Primitive Quilts and Rugs magazine.  There will be more of these coming to the next retreat I think.

This was a pillow finished by Suzi Jones and hooked by Pattit Chapman.  The pumpkin looks so real.

Rug show walk at the end of the retreat.  They all do a great job.



I had a wonderful time with friends at the biennial.  Jay and I stayed at my cousin's house and I was dropped off everyday at the conference.  I helped with hanging rugs and then attended the annual meeting.  I was able to reconnect with my friends from Australia and we had dinner together at the TIGHR gathering.  It was fun seeing everyone and chatting. I took the braiding class from Diane Tobias and Kris McDermet.  I have put a braid on a hooked piece before but was not sure how to do it properly.  There was a video I watched to learn how to do it.  This time it was nice to have expert help. It is a work in progress.  I decided to make chair seats that match the material I used to recover my chairs in the new studio.  

I also gave a tour at the rug show and  only had two people but had fun discussing the rugs.  Here are some of the rugs I saw at the show.

Amazed at Nola Heidbreder's president project.  These are simply amazing and done in such a short time.

Love Gail Becker's dog.



















e ext














Jay was able to visit with Bonifacia who we met in Mexico.  She is the leader of the Augustine Gonzales group which hooks rugs to help their families in the village and sell them in town.  The colonial town is San Miguel de Allende.  A beautiful city which has many expats living there.  She was teaching a class on how to hook without using a frame.  Jay got to practice his Spanish.  Bonie said Jay needed to come back to Mexico as his Spanish was rusty.  Charlotte Bell was the interpreter for her. Charlotte has been helping the ladies for many years now and has been their advocate.  This was such a great experience for Bonifacia.  It was her first plane ride, first shower, first elevator, first bath, etc.  The rug in the picture Boni made says 100% Mexican, which is a joke because no one is 100% anything according to Bonifacia.

  After we returned Jo and Judy from Australia came for a day to our house on Hood Canal for a visit.  It was a nice, sunny day and they took the tour of our house and studio.  Good friends and lots of laughing.










Thought, while waiting for ATHA biennial to start, I should get a tattoo so here it is-----



I am in Venice Beach right now visiting my son and his fiance.  It is always good to spend time with your adult children.  Jay and I will be attending the ATHA conference next week.



On my way to North Dakota I stopped in Yakma and then traveled through Idaho by way of Lewiston.  It is a beautiful drive following the Snake River but the rain along with thunder and lightening started making the trip longer and more difficult.  I was scheduled to meet a childhood friend in Missoula, Montana at about 7 pm--it was now 9:30 pm and I was driving on fumes as there were no gas stations open for business at that time of night.  I finally pulled over into a pothole covered lot where I could see some bright lights.  I thought it might be a gas station.  It was a bar and grill.  It was pouring down rain so I ran into the bar, went to the bathroom and then asked some patrons where I was.  They told me, Lolo Pass, and did not know where the next gas station was located.  I talked to some ladies at the bar but got no where.  I could not call my friend or home because I had no service.  In the meantime my friend had spent four hours at Perkins in Missoula and had called the state patrol to find out if there had been an accident.  Unfortunately she did not know my real name only my nick name as we have known each other since I was 7 years old.  She did not know my married name, my husband's last name or what kind of car I was driving.  We have known each other for over 50 years.  I was going to sleep in my car but a guy came out and poured in a gallon of gas so I made it to the next gas station.  There it took me some time to find my credit card as I had not put it away since I had gotten gas in Washington.  My friend lived one hour north of Missoula so I was to meet her at the Dairy Queen.  Relying on the navigator I waited at the wrong one.  We finally met up and she drove my car to her house.  I had a lovely visit with her and stayed two nights.

On my way home I decided to take the northern route through the Washington Cascade passes as I had not been on those roads for a long time.  I also wanted to see my friends finish their art certification in LaConnor.  It is another beautiful trip through Eastern Washington but long.  I could not find a place to stay as all the villages were full.  On my way over North Cascades Pass it started to thunder and pour down rain.  On my way down the pass I came upon  a family of four whose car was stuck in a massive mud slide.  I turned around and found a camp ground to settle in for the night.  I had found a spot to park but discovered it was occupied.  I told them my story and they let me stay until the early morning.  My car is packed so I took out some wool and spread it out on the front seat of my car to sleep on.  My knees honked the horn twice during the night as I turned in my sleep.  You do not get much sleep this way but enough.  I left at 5:30am and started up the pass again only to find more mud slides.  I gave up and back tracked my way through Blewitt pass and Snoqualmie pass and eventully home.  There is always some excitement on my trips.


Prairie Rose-Assumption Abbey-North Dakota

I had a wonderful time at the Abbey teaching this year.  The weather was perfect and the students could not have been nicer.  I made a pattern of the Abbey and sold a couple patterns.  I hope to see them done sometime.  The setting overlooks the farming valley below and this year, because we had a novice in the class, we toured the monestary which is just up the road.  The food is good and the company is wonderful.  I will be back in 2015 for sure!



Western McGown Teachers Workshop

 I had a wonderful week at Western McGown Teachers Workshop dressing up each day to present the program, telling jokes and stories and getting an assistant to help me.  We filled most of the spots for teaching and I met the new owner of Charco patterns.  Jane is still on board with making new patterns.  I always look forward to the next year.  We have very talented artist at Western McGown.


I taught Herez again to the trainees. It is to teach color planning.   A very good and talented group.  I did not take many pictures as usual.


 Here is my audience for each morning meeting.

Here are just a few photos of the projects.  Kathy Stephens did this art deco one to look like different kinds of wood of the time.

It was William Morris day.

This was done by Val Flannigan.

I took this class from Tanya Graham.

Art Deco Day and I took Gitta's class who did this rug

I loved this art deco reflections by Lynne Powell.

We also had Kilim day.

Loved Vivily's poppy

I did finish my Snowy Egret which Bonnie Pelczar taught for her teaching assignment.  I changed the background.



Bainbridge Island Museum of Art - my hooked pieces

The two pieces I sold are being displayed at the new museum.  I am thrilled.

I finally was able to demonstrate at the hospital today.  Met some new people and taught my helper how to hook.  It was fun!  Hope I get to do it agan.  I forgot to take pictures. 



My "Ram Tough" rug was entered into the Port Gamble Fiber Festival and WON People'sChoice.  I was very happy and a little richer with the cash prize.  



I just sold two pieces to an art patron.  I was planning on joining the art gallery so I could demonstrate at our local hospital where I have been volunteering for 9 years.  In order to do the demonstrations you have to belong to the art galery.  In order to belong you have to be juried into it.  In the process of doing this, a member of the group and a supporter of a new art museum bought the following two pieces.  The "RedTent" and my art journal "Poets".